CRIMPERS Salon Software
.:Record Keeping & Management

Record Keeping
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  • Very detailed records kept on each client with no limit on the number of client records that can be kept
  • Stores Referral information for tracking your advertising or shows WHO referred them.
  • Last visit date is automatically updated each time the client visits the salon
  • Email addresses stored to mail market newsletters etc thru your email program
  • Client info links to Microsoft Word for custom mail merging documents / flyers
  • Birthdays are available for sending cards or alerting reception near Birthday
  • Quickly send “Missed You” postcards to all clients who haven’t been recently
  • Produce many reports on Client Info & mail market thru Microsoft Word or directly thru preformatted postcards in CRIMPERS

Client Formula
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  • Keep as many custom formulae on each client as you like. Formulae are sorted by type (Color, Perm, Treatment etc) and printed on daily appointment tickets.
  • Use ounces OR milliliters OR both in formula quantity details
  • Last Used date is automatically updated along with Last stylist who applied/used this formula
  • Using a formula in a service automatically deducts the exact amount of each item used from your on-hand inventory
  • All of the client’s Formulae are printed on the daily appointment Tickets for quick reference.
  • Lots of space for Application details & notes
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