CRIMPERS Salon Software
.:Internet Booking

Real Time INTERNET Appointment Booking
Available 24 / 7 / 365

Now your clients can handle all their appointments over the Internet using Internet Explorer web browser. In CRIMPERS INET, the booking is done in ‘Real Time’ on your salon’s computer, but still totally under your receptionist’s control & approval. With over 60% of the American public now on-line, you can take advantage of the Internet whilst offering convenience to your clients. You’ll also reduce those many calls left on your answering machine when the salon is closed.

With Crimpers INET your clients can............

  • Book new appointments anytime.... easily
  • Cancel existing appointments (with your approval)
  • Check their existing appointments
  • View their last 20 service visits
  • View their last 20 retail purchases
  • See their appointments as soon as they are made
  • Receive a confirming email for new appointments

With Crimpers INET your receptionist can............

  • See appointments as soon as they are made
  • Change services or their order or times if necessary
  • Accept the appointment or Deny it
  • Automatically email a confirmation notice with details
  • View a Cancellation request before processing it

CRIMPERS INET does not require you to have a Internet Hosting Account with recurring expenses. You host the service on your salon computer, all you need is a static IP address. A salon website is recommended but not necessary.

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