CRIMPERS Salon Software
.:Automatic Booking

AutoBook is a CRIMPERS exclusive. It allows almost instant computer booking of multi-service appointments (up to 8 services, with 8 different employees). It allows for individual, unique employee times for each service, as well as the down/processing time necessary between each service. The ‘down’ time is then available for a different appointment.

This alleviates the necessary training of reception staff in service booking times and employee variances from these standard times.

AutoBook does not allow you to book a service with the wrong employee, IE you can’t book a Manicurist with a Haircut.

Autobook also automatically prints out a list of all appointments made each day as a hard copy backup

Quick Demo


1. Lookup client - Choose services - Choose stylists - Click Next.

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2. All dates (green)& times available are shown.
Select a date - Select a time - Click Next

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3. Read back the confirmation & click Book It.

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The appointment will be made & you’ll be in the full appointment book on the correct day where you can see the appointment in context

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