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The CRIMPERS program demo has some information already saved. .

Context Sensitive Help is available by clicking on the F1 key

Any problems click to send email report Demo Support Email.

Download DEMO Version

Click on Picture at left to download the Setup program which will Install a full working version CRIMPERS on your computer. After downloading, double click on the file "SetupCRIMPERS7.exe" to Install CRIMPERS (note your screen resolution should be 1024x768)
After Install, you can log on to the program with a User Name of owner or any Employee in the list & Password crimper (no 's')

The Demo will run for 30 days only

User Guide

User Guide

Click on the graphic picture at the left to view or download the complete CRIMPERS User Guide.
The file is in Adobe Acrobat format & can be viewed or printed on a printer.

View Reports

View Reports

Click on the graphic on the left to view a small selection of some of the many reports that can be generated quickly in CRIMPERS
This file is in Adobe Acrobat format and can be viewed or printed


View Videos

Click on the graphic at the left to go to the training videos menu.
These are short video clips that show various parts of CRIMPERS and how to navigate and/or enter and edit data Note these Videos are from an earlier version & will be updated shortly.