CRIMPERS Salon Software
.:Welcome to CRIMPERS

CRIMPERS has been in existence since 1994 and has hundreds of users all across the USA and in Canada & Australia. It was designed & programmed by Derek Roe, a salon owner/programmer, and a group of the top database programming professionals in the US. It is in use every day in Derek's salon in Northern California as well as hundreds of salons throughout the USA & abroad.

It is very powerful yet easy to use by anyone with absolute minimal computer experience. It is very 'user friendly' and requires no training other than reading the User Manual & working with the program. As a matter of fact it is so easy & bullet-proof that we offer FREE Technical Support, and that support is from a salon owner who is working every day with the program, not some computer techie. We understand your questions!

Why can we offer FREE Tech Support? Well, in our experience, there is very little need for the Salon to call us on the support line. We usually get a few questions about the best way to set some of the options in the beginning, and then there is no real reason to call. With hundreds of Salon Users out there, we get hardly any calls for support. But if Murphy Strikes, and something does happen, there is someone there to get you back, up & running ASAP. Other programs will charge up to $500 per year for support service.

CRIMPERS has evolved over the years with frequent Upgrades & Enhancements, all free to existing users. The upgrades are posted on our website, for ease of downloading, usually every couple of months. A lot of the enhancements come from suggestions from our users, and we actively encourage you to submit requests for new features. We listen, we add them in, we make them available to all the users with our no-charge update service.

We've added over 100 new functions in the last year, including extended Appointment Booking hours, Automatic Spa multi-service automatic booking, many new reporting functions, Call Reminders, Client Charge Accounts, and many more reports, to name a few.

CRIMPERS also offers a data conversion service for those of you who have older programs that already have your Client/Inventory/Employee info. If you can provide it to us in electronic form (we'll help you do this) we can ship you your new version of CRIMPERS with all the data already entered.

CRIMPERS is ready for networking, right out of the box. You don't need additional software, nor do you pay additional fees for using it on a network. It runs well on Windows Networking and does not require expensive network software